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Feature Differences Between
WebResearch Personal and Professional

Learn more about the differences between the two
WebResearch editions using the table below.

Feature Comparison

Feature WebResearch
Price (not including VAT) 17.16 EUR 34.40 EUR
Save a complete Web page
Save single pictures of Web pages
Save selected parts of Web pages
Save Internet addresses
Save local files and shortcuts to files
Firefox extension
Programming interface (for example, to access WebResearch data via a Microsoft Word macro)
Create folders and subfolders
Add comments to documents
Mark documents as read or unread
Print saved documents (also multiple documents in one operation)
Open saved documents in a new window
Revisit original Internet location of a saved document
Highlighter to emphasize important text
Highlighter remover
Transfer (parts of) documents to Microsoft Word
Full-text search through all saved Web pages
Import Favorites
Export saved documents in original format, as Single File Web Pages, or album (.chm file)
Ad filter to filter out ad banners while saving
Flash filter to filter out Flash animations while saving
Flash blocker to block Flash animations while surfing in Internet Explorer (pop-up ads on a page, for example)
Create additional collections and use multiple collections at the same time
Postpone preview of PDF and Office documents or large documents
Send documents in different ways 1 4
Predefined QuickFind queries (all pictures, duplicates, etc.) 5 13
Save linked Web content (multiple Web pages in one step, entire sections of a Web site)  
Save screen clippings  
Save Clipboard contents  
Save using a command-line tool (wrget.exe), for automated saving at certain intervals, for example  
Save Web pages without images (faster and space-saving)  
Before saving, check if the Web page has already been saved (to avoid duplicate savings)  
Update document saved earlier with its latest version from the Web  
Categories for efficient structuring and retrieving of documents  
Classify documents based on importance  
Quickly rename documents based on the current selection in the Reading Pane  
Edit saved Web pages (for example, to combine two articles into one; also after original saving)  
Create own documents (HTML-based) and insert Web clippings  
Jot down notes (HTML-based)  
Create Web Page Presentations  
Web Page Reminder (create Outlook Tasks to let you remind of reading certain Web pages)  
Full-Screen Reading Mode  
Thumbnails view for saved Web pages  
Access network collections to share saved material among a team  
Synchronizing of two data files  
Password protection for data files  
Powerful Advanced Find with many search criteria  
Search templates  
Create and compare multiple search results  
Find folders (quickly locate folders in huge collections, for example)  
Choose from 22 folder icons  
Create hyperlinks to WebResearch Documents (for example, from within a Microsoft Word document)  
Export folders along with their subfolders in one operation  
Export saved Web pages along with their metadata as a WebResearch Document Package  
Explorer Bar for direct viewing of saved documents in Explorer  
Customize menus and toolbars, and hide unneeded toolbars and the status bar  
Control whether Script Filter while saving is on/off  
Quickly open most recently used collections  
Quickly go to the most recently saved document  
Price (not including VAT) 17.16 EUR 34.40 EUR

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