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Frequently Asked Questions:
Upgrade to WebResearch 3

+What's new in WebResearch 3?

For an illustrated overview of the new features, click here.
For a reference table of the new features, click here.

+How do I make the switch to WebResearch 3?

Download the current WebResearch 3 full installation and run it. If the setup recognizes that Web Research 2.x or ContentSaver is still installed, it will automatically uninstall it but reuse all open data files and your license (if it's still valid for WebResearch 3).

In the case that you already have manually uninstalled Web Research 2.x or ContentSaver before installing WebResearch 3, open your existing data files in WebResearch 3 using File - Collection - Open (or by double-clicking each data file in Explorer).

Please note:
WebResearch 3 also requires updated versions of the following add-ons if you've used them before:

No new installations are required for the network add-on, scanner interface, and programming documentation.

+Does WebResearch 3 require a new license and how much does it cost?

Web Research 2.x licenses that have been issued after September 15, 2007 are also valid for WebResearch 3. If the license date of your license is before September 15, 2007, a new license is required, which has the following price (excluding VAT):

+Do I need a new license for the add-ons?

No, all licenses for the add-ons continue to be valid.

Please note, however, that WebResearch 3 requires updated installations of the following add-ons. If you use one ore more of these add-ons, you must install the version that's compatible with WebResearch 3:

+Can I go back to Web Research 2.x after evaluating WebResearch 3?

Yes, this is easily possible because the data format hasn't changed in WebResearch 3:
  1. Uninstall WebResearch 3 using Control Panel - Software - Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Download the latest version of Web Research 2.8 and install it.
  3. Reopen your existing collections (data files) using File - Open - Collection (or by double-clicking each data file in Explorer).
  4. Reinstall the add-ins that are compatible with Web Research 2.x if you had used them before (Firefox extension, Outlook Add-in).



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