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The ContentSaver Successor Is Here:
Web Research Professional

Download Web Research Professional, the successor to ContentSaver, now.
Licenses for ContentSaver 2 are also valid for Web Research.

  Download Web Research Professional
     12.0 MB; Version 2.8.3704 from December 17, 2007

System requirements:
  • Windows Vista, XP, 2000, or Server 2003  (98, Me, and NT 4.0 are no longer supported)
  • Internet Explorer 7 or 6

Additional downloads:
Firefox extension for Web Research
Outlook Add-in for Web Research

How can I switch to Web Research?

  1. Do NOT uninstall ContentSaver.
  2. Download Web Research Professional.
  3. Run the downloaded file webresearch_pro.exe by double-clicking.
  4. The Web Research setup will determine that ContentSaver is already installed and automatically migrate your archives, license, and thumbnail image files. Afterward, the setup will automatically remove ContentSaver from your computer and install Web Research.

What's new in Web Research Professional?

Web Research Professional is based on ContentSaver 2 and contains significant enhancements as well as fixes for issues.

The following features are new in Web Research Professional (compared to ContentSaver 2.x):New Full-Screen Reading Mode

Support for Windows Vista
Send and export as album (.chm file)
Full-Screen Reading Mode (see figure on the right)
Quickly open most recently used archives (under File - Open)
Flash blocker in Internet Explorer (blocks pop-up ads on Web pages, for example. On the Web Research toolbar in Internet Explorer, click Tools to see the new Flash blocker command.)
Firefox extension now grabs the page as currently displayed in Firefox (support for login, cookies, etc.) and offers better Unicode support.
Improved navigation pane for Web Page Presentations (based on a style sheet)
Under Options-Advanced, you can specify what should happen when double-clicking a document.
More flexible Ideas: Ideas are now called Notes and are still available if the Notes folder is hidden.
Easier importing of files due to the integration with the Send To menu for files and folders
Updated user interface with icons and folders in Microsoft Office 2003/2007 style
Simplified menus and improved help

Detailed list of changes

  Why did ContentSaver get a new name?

  • The new name Web Research is more meaningful and easier to understand, sounds more interesting, and no longer primarily focuses on archiving but on research.
    means collecting and evaluating information for (later) reuse. Much more people perform research activities than just save and archive Web pages. Thus, the new name should create more attention and attract a broader group of people.
    And finally, ContentSaver has always offered more than just being a "saver" for "content", which its name implied.
  • Research on the Web is often just temporary—for example, before buying a certain product, and the information is no longer needed after the product is bought. Therefore, it's not always necessary to permanently archive Web pages, which was the main focus of ContentSaver (thus, the data files of Web Research are no longer called "archives", but "collections").
    Web Research now covers the whole usage of content captured from the Web: for short-term and long-term research projects as well as permanent archiving.

  What will happen to my existing archives?

  • Your existing archives will be preserved while upgrading and automatically reappear in Web Research.
  • The file format of the archive files doesn't change. Web Research archives are backward-compatible and can also be used by ContentSaver users.
  • Existing Server Archives can still be used in Web Research. It's not necessary to change anything on the server.

  How are the Firefox extension or the Outlook Add-in affected?

  What is "Web Research Personal"?

  • Web Research Personal is a new edition of Web Research that contains fewer features at a lower price.
  • If you've already licensed ContentSaver 2, you already own a valid license also for Web Research Professional, the premium product of the Web Research family. Thus, the Personal edition of Web Research should not be relevant to you.
  • To see a detailed comparison of both Web Research editions, click here.

  Do I need a new license for Web Research?

  • If you've already licensed ContentSaver 2, your license is also valid for Web Research Professional.
  • It's not required to re-enter your license data when switching to Web Research. The license already present on your computer will continue to be used.
  • If you later need to reinstall Web Research, Web Research will accept your ContentSaver 2 license data when you enter it.

Further questions, comments, or problems?
Feel free to write us: support@macropool.com

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