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Using WebResearch with Opera 10 / 9.x / 8.x

You can add the following WebResearch commands to the shortcut (right-click) menus in Opera:

  • Save / Save As... Web Page
  • Save / Save As... Image
  • Save Linked Pages
  • Save / Save As... Target

!! Important note for Opera 10.5 and 10.51 users:

Opera 10.50 and 10.51 introduced a bug that prevents the correct execution of certain shortcut menu extensions, such as the WebResearch commands. The problem no longer occurs in Opera 10.52.

Steps to integrate WebResearch with Opera:

  1. Open the file standard_menu.ini located in C:\Program Files\Opera\ui in a text editor (in Opera 9.x/8.x, the file is located in C:\Program Files\Opera\defaults instead).
  2. Download our standard_menu.ini file and open it in a new editor window.
  3. Insert the WebResearch commands in the specified sections of the original Opera ini file.

    Note: If you're using a 64-bit version of Windows Vista or 7, replace the text C:\Program Files\WebResearch with C:\Program Files (x86)\WebResearch for each WebResearch command.
  4. After next startup of Opera, you will find the new commands in the shortcut menus.

Notes: When saving a Web page, the Opera cache will not be used, and all content will be redownloaded from the Web. Cookies or passwords will be ignored.

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