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Windows Script Download and Repair Page

WebResearch requires a properly installed version of Microsoft Windows Script 5.6. This component should be installed on any halfway up-to-date Windows system. However, in some cases, it can be broken if some of its files are no longer present or not registered properly. In this case, you should reinstall Windows Script.

Microsoft Windows Script 5.7

You can download the English version from our site and other languages at the Microsoft Website (click the 2nd link).

Software Date Windows Size EN  
Windows Script 5.7 (Build 16535) 8/24/2007 XP 1.1 MB
Windows Script 5.7 (Build 16535) 8/24/2007 2000 1 MB
Windows Script 5.7 (Build 16535) 8/24/2007 2003 Server 1 MB
Windows Script 5.6 (Build 8831) 8/11/2006 9x/Me/NT 683 KB

Important: Restart Windows after installing Windows Script.

If the problem persists:

  1. Check the file version:
    In the Windows System folder (C:\Windows\System32, for example), locate the file vbscript.dll and right-click it. On the shortcut menu, click Properties.

    If you have installed the Windows Script version from above, the last version number should be 8831 or higher. If not, the update has not been successful. Maybe you don't have the right to update Windows system files or the Windows system file protection prevented updates to the file.
  2. Reregister vbscript.dll:
    On the start menu, click Run and type following command:
    regsvr32 c:\Windows\System32\vbscript.dll
    (if Windows is installed in a different location, change the path accordingly)

If the problem with WebResearch persists, write to support@macropool.com.

Current News
April 29, 2008:
WebResearch 3 Is Here!

November 28, 2007:

New tool: ExpressFolders

Current version:

WebResearch 3:
Version 3.0.4008
April 29, 2008
Update now

WebResearch 2:
Version 2.8.3714
April 24, 2008
Update now

Outlook Add-in:
Version 2.7.712
August 13, 2007
Update now
Network Add-on:
Version 2.8.336
December 17, 2007
Update now


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